The Juicy Meat Company is a brand new, innovative beef brand, which uses premium quality, high welfare British beef in a variety of products inspired by world cuisines. 

We were created in Yorkshire in 2017, off the back of decades of experience in the beef and restaurant industries. 

Beef is an incredibly versatile meat, which appears throughout global gastronomy in a wide variety of forms - from the classic English Sunday roast, through to the American hamburger revolution, right through to Asian beef curries. A staple protein of nearly every worldwide cuisine, while the uses of beef are nearly infinite, the principles of what creates good beef remain the same anywhere: happy cattle, reared on well-run farms with plenty of grass and space, butchered with great care and precision, and given pride of place in the kitchen.

The minds behind the Juicy Meat Company have honed their skills in producing, marketing and cooking beef for the supermarket and restaurant industries for many years. The Juicy Meat Company takes this knowledge and practice, and looks towards the online market - thinking of the busy consumer who has limited time to spend in-store, but who still places great value on good food, product quality and animal welfare.

We hope you will give our range of products a try - keep an eye on our social media pages for new recipes and products!